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E V O L V E is mythird music album played entirely on the handpan. It includes 12 tracks and lasts a good hour.

E V O L V E is a Handpan music album that was created thanks to 318 generous people, through a crowdfunding platform. I have infinite gratitude to all these people, without whom this album project would not have been possible.  


My intention in writing these compositions was to feel the magic of the creation of life and its evolution during the 9 months of pregnancy of the woman I love, until the birth of the baby.  Give yourself the experience, at least once, of listening to this album from start to finish while sitting comfortably. 

Listen to 4 exclusive tracks from the album


album cover HEALING.jpg
Annapurna - Quentin Kayser
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album back cover HEALING.jpg

Here is my second album of music played entirely on the handpan. It includes 14 tracks and lasts 62 minutes.

All the music on this album was composed between January 2018 and January 2019. The inspiration for “channeling” them most likely comes from my last ten years of living and traveling abroad, influenced by my personal discoveries and spiritual searches. , through chance but moving encounters, through the love I have for nature and animals, through this intrinsic respect that I have for the women and men who populate this planet, despite the difficulties it is going through because of us .

HEALING means Healing in English. I strongly believe that a melody taken from the heart, shared with love and listened to with great attention has the power to heal the soul of those who receive it. 

This album was therefore designed to be listened to in particular circumstances, like a storybook that would take you on a journey through contact with your own life experiences. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and immerse yourself for an hour in the different melodies, harmonic richness and rhythmic simplicity of my stories told in music using the 4 Handpans used to immortalize them. Let the images created by your imagination come to you and attempt an inner journey, without judgment, giving free rein to your feelings and emotions. 


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Heart & Soul - Quentin Kayser
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Here is my first album of music played entirely on the handpan. It includes 9 tracks and lasts 45 minutes.

Its listening is perfect for meditation, a simple moment of relaxation or during a massage.

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