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Digital album "INTENTIONS" - personal use

Digital album "INTENTIONS" - personal use


Digital album "INTENTIONS" - personal use -

The music album at the Handpan "INTENTIONS" has been specially designed to be listened to during the practice of energy treatments, massages, meditation, preparation for sleep and deep relaxation.  It is made up of a single track that lasts exactly 1  time and was recorded all at once, without any interruption.

I offer you here the possibility to listen to a  background music at the Handpan thought  to work in depth on body and mind. It is important to know that this is therefore not a composition music with melodies as I am used to creating. 
This version of the album does not come with a professional license such as listening in a therapist's office. If you are a therapist and would like to listen to the album while practicing your care, please approach the version of the album that comes with a professional license.

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