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LISTEN on usb key

LISTEN on usb key


Listen on USB drive, featuring both the mp3 and WAV versions in two separate folders + 2 bonus tracks.


In the resonant depths of the handpan, discover a sacred silence that speaks only to those who truly know how to listen.


Welcome to the world of my new album, a sonic odyssey born from rich collaborations and lived experiences.


Featuring talented artists such as Marie Clavel, Warren Shanti, Carola Ortiz, Nandini Shankar, Rishab Prasana, and Yves Mesnil, this project aims to capture the fleeting beauty of sounds, melodies, and moments. It seeks to awaken the spirit and immerse the listener in a universe of sensations, evoking in you unique inner waves of feeling.


Earth and Heart is a symbiotic conversation between man and nature, Listen is an ode to the art of listening, Infinite Spirit is a quest for transcendence. Fred and Si Satie are touching tributes, while Mother and Maan celebrate immeasurable maternal love. Morning Smile and T'aime embody hope and pure love, Dulce and Moyo offer moments of sweetness and connection. Just Peace is a cry for listening and peace, Pansuri and Inner Waves are celebrations of the present moment and improvisation. Tolteque resonates with ancient spiritual teachings, and Ardha Jai Taal captures the energy of a very specific Indian rhythm.


Each track is a story, an emotion, a universe. I invite you to dive in and feel what each note has to offer.


Happy listening.

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