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This instrument, in addition to having a captivating sound, has the particularity of being hypnotic when you watch the person playing it.

Here, for the pleasure of your ears and eyes, are some of my compositions on video;


The Forgotten Song

I am proud to present to you "Le Chant Oublié", one of the compositions from the new album EVOLVE recorded and mixed by the talented Cyrille Lecoq and mastered by Pierre Luzy.



here is Argilopan, one of the surprise tracks from the EVOLVE album. When I checked in at Cyrille LecoqThere was this incredible instrument and I couldn't help but compose something with this little gem.
The instrument looks like an all-ceramic balafon, it is made by a magician, Christian Gauche of theEarth and sound workshop.



This composition "IRON & WOOD" is a tribute to the manufacturers of musical instruments - The manufacturer/musician relationship is a strength for both. So here, I try to honor this magnificent handpan (20 notes) and its manufacturer Mayuko Taki Mano.
"HEALING" was recorded and mixed by Alexandre Chaigne and mastered by Pierre Luzy. The video recording was produced by Numeo Production.



This handpan composition tells the story of a sick being walking in nature. Encountering a majestic tree on his way, he decides to take it in his arms. The tree tells him a story that echoes his life, understands that healing is within him and leaves serenely, already feeling much better than before.


A night in Jaisalmer desert

This composition tells the story of a musician crossing the Jaisalmer desert, linking India to Pakistan. One night, the cold was starting to set in when he decided to stop near an oasis. He then met a family who invited him to join them. They danced and sang all night in good spirits, fully enjoying the magic of these moments. When he set out again the next morning, a new energy guided him towards his destiny...



sometimes soft / sometimes rhythmic, ANNAPURNA is a composition that speaks of courage, or how to go higher and further with very little, with yourself. 
Annapurna is a mountain range in the Himalayas in Nepal and this composition tells the story of a solo trek on this mountain range. 10 days of effort, alone, taking the time to listen to his music and his silence! I thank the woman I love for this beautiful inspiration...



This composition takes its inspiration from the snow-capped mountains. Let yourself be carried away by the sound that resonates on the layer of snow, at -5 degrees. 



I present to you “October’s Sun”, a composition played only in arpeggios... 
Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the lightness of the notes



"Under the Ocean" is a composition (with singing) which transcribes into music the feelings that one can find during a scuba dive: the fear of the unknown is always present but serenity and peace take over. always on top when discovering the richness of the seabed.

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